November 16, 2013

Semester 2's spirit!

Hello guys. Despite the long holiday, I'm feeling a bit excited cause I'll be seeing my friends again.

Dinner CS110

(all from left)
Front : Addyn, Afiq, Nabil, Nizam, Husni, Nad, Aiz, Nuzul, Helmi, Adri, Zack
Middle : Farzana Izzati, ME , Fii, Zihah, Izzanni, Farehah, Rina, Wani, Farzana, Kak Sue, Kak Elly
Back : Kak Iena, Jihah, Azie, Farah Izzati, Khira, Tiqah, Hanan, Muza

At first I only talk with Zihah cause she is my former classmate back in TEKSHA. Later, I began to be friendly with the girls. At first it was just me and Zihah but now we are a quadruplets. It started one day when Zihah got this super duper bad fever and she went back home while I'm alone there. Then I contacted this girl named Hanani because I realized she always goes solo. Eventually we got pretty close with each other and later on Fii joined us. I hate the fact our sem break is almost over but I do miss my girls. Can't wait to meet them soon :)

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