November 15, 2013

Dating (lah sangat)

Hello people. I think I'm going to write when I have something to told ya. Today ops it's already past 12 a.m. so yesterday I'm going out with my friends. Actually I do assumed it'd be a date I mean not THAT date because I don't even have a boyfriend you see. So the thing is this friend of mine, Shamil, asked me out the day before and I agreed. Well I thought it's gonna be just the two of us but unfortunately it doesn't turn out to be what it was. Shamil pick me up at Shah Alam KTM Station around 10 something. He said we're going to The Curve but then he drove all the way to Puncak Alam and I was like " Where are we going buddy? " and he said " Amir's house ". I was like " DANG IT! I shouldn't have come in the first place " then he replied " I know you wouldn't be here if I told you so ". Oh God, why do I even have a friend like him -_- Okay I'm pretty sure you'll want to know who is this Amir guy right? Just so you all know that he's just somebody I used to know :) * I bet you'll understand that, ain't you? * So there I am in front of his house waiting nervously in the car. He doesn't recognized me at first because I don't even dare to turn and look at him but eventually I overcome THIS problem and yeah I think he seemed a bit shock * Personally, I don't know what his real feeling is * Then Shamil drove to Damansara. I was pretty quiet too in the car. We have our lunch at Ikea. Later, hanging around The Curve, go bowling, watch a Siamese movie and I slept in the cinema hehe. It's kinda awkward at first because I'm trying to have a conversation with both of them but with Amir's presence there I was like total foreigner. As time flies by, I eventually have a tiny bit chit-chatting with him. Shamil being sarcasm all the way through the day. Thank Godness it was his car -_- * Oh you know what I mean * After the movie ended, we drove Amir home. I don't want to tell you what happened between that time. Way too funny. Then Shamil send me at Batu Tiga KTM Station and I got home safely :)

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