December 21, 2013

Mid sem break!

Hi guys! It's been approximately a month since my last post. Yesterday, I came back home from my college because I'm on a 2 weeks of mid sem holidays * Fireworks! * Lots and lots of stuff happening throughout this whole month. I laugh. I cried. Things are not always gonna work with us. Okay, actually I have many things to story but yeah if I remember then I'll write about it. Let's start with me getting my new phone! :3 muehehe. Early December I got my new phone that is * Drumming sound *

Tadaaaa hihi. I've been wanting this since my birthday this year but only now I got it so yeayyy happy me * Wide smile icon haha * Bought it for RM 1.9k using my yayasan loan LOL. Nevermind, I'll pay them after I finish my diploma :3 Let's continue. So my life goes as a student, attend class, having fun with friends, blah blah blah as usual nothing extraordinary or remarkable things happen. Oh yeah I was stung by a bee on my neck. It hurts damn badly. Okay I guess it will be an essay if I type here so just take a peek at these photos :)

I wrap up everything with these photos. Enjoy :)

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